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Canal 13

Canal 13 was established when three open TV channels were up for tender in the city of Buenos Aires. The company that won the tender, Río de la Plata TV, quickly partnered with the American network CBS-Time Life, which created the production company Proartel. It was managed by Cuban-born Goar Mestre, who ran the channel during the early years.

It was nationalized in 1975 and privatized in 1989, during Carlos Menem’s first administration. Arte Radiotelevisivo Argentino S.A. (ARTEAR) was the company that was awarded the license. At that time, Grupo Clarín was a controlling shareholder, together with other Argentinian channel owners and businessmen (Gollán, Braver, García Hamilton, Sáenz Valiente, Estornell).

Since then, Canal 13 belongs to Grupo Clarín and is part of its multimedia. Its programming is general, but it includes several news shows (6 hours of news shows a day divided into four bulletins). Besides, the channel’s prime time invariably airs a fiction show co-produced with Pol-Ka. Marcelo Tinelli is the most important star of the channel, since he hosts the most watched television show in Argentina.


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Free content

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company/channel informs proactively and comprehensively about its ownership, data is constantly updated and easily verifiable

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Media Companies / Groups

Grupo Clarín


Ownership Structure

Canal 13 is Arte Radiotelevisivo Argentino Sociedad Anónima (Artear S.A.), which belongs to Grupo Clarín. Its main shareholders are Héctor Magnetto, Ernestina Herrera de Noble’s heirs (Felipe and Marcela Noble Herrera), Lucio Pagliaro and José Aranda.

Voting Rights

Grupo Clarín’s board of directors manages Artear S.A.

Individual Owner

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General Information

Founding Year


Affiliated Interests Founder

Goar Mestre

Born in Cuba, Mestre was a successful media businessman in his motherland until the Cuban Revolution in 1959. He then started his career as representative of American network CBS-Time Life in Latin America, with TV projects in different countries. In Argentina, he established the production company Proartel, that took over Canal 13 when it was privatized, since regulations prohibited foreign equity interests.


Daniel Zanardi

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Adrián Suar

He also owns Pol-Ka, one of the main fiction content production companies in Argentina. Grupo Clarín holds shares in his company.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Carlos de Elía

News Director of the channel.


Lima 1261, city of Buenos Aires

TE: (54 011) 4305 0013



Financial Information

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Advertising (in % of total funding)

$102,682,493 (2018 official advertising)

Market Share

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Further Information

Meta Data

Audience share data of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires were provided by Kantar Ibope Media.
2018 official advertising data were provided by the Secretariat of National Communications.


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