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Canal 3 (Rosario)

It is one of the most popular channels in Rosario, the third largest city in Argentina (after Buenos Aires and Córdoba), although its signal reaches the south of Santa Fe province, the north of Buenos Aires province and part of Cordoba and Entre Ríos. Canal 3 mainly repeats Canal 13’s (Grupo Clarín) content. Only day, noon and evening news bulletins are produced by the channel with a local hint (although it broadcasts the recorded coverage of some national stories coming from Buenos Aires). On Canal 3, there are also some vernacular shows created by local production companies. However, the prime time is monopolized by content produced in Buenos Aires.

The channel’s most emblematic show, and the oldest in local TV, is De 12 a 14, a news bulletin broadcasted since 1966.

Josefina Daminato and Gustavo Scaglione, a prominent married couple of businesspeople who purchased Canal 3 in 2015, are its controlling shareholders.


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Grupo Televisión Litoral


Ownership Structure

Canal 3 from Rosario belongs to Grupo Televisión Litoral, which also includes radio stations AM 1230 (Radio 2), FM Vida, FM Frecuencia Plus, FM Radio Cataratas and website

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Alberto Gollán

This businessman from Rosario was one of the channel’s founders, together with Ernesto Dauman, Guillermo Strazza, Ramón Maidagan and Jaime Katester; although Gollán was the channel’s only director and main representative until he turned 96 years old. Few months after “Don Alberto” – as they used to call him in the company – died in 2015, his children sold the majority of stock (55%) to Gustavo Scaglione and Josefina Daminato.
Gollán was a partner of Artear. He created the regional cable TV operator Galavisión, as well as the rest of the media of Grupo Televisión Litoral. Between May and September 1971, during General Lanusse’s dictatorship, he was de facto mayor of the city of Rosario. He had a close relationship with former de facto Presidents Roberto Viola (1981) and Leopoldo Galtieri (1981–1982).

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Adrián Gallo

He has been the group’s general manager since 2018. Before, he was Business Manager of Grupo Televisión Litoral. He has 23 years of experience in the company.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Pablo Franza

He used to be General Producer of the channel’s news shows.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Ana Cecilia Gollán

Daughter of the founder of Grupo Televisión Litoral. She is the only one out of the three Gollán children who still holds stock in the company, although her share is significantly smaller than that of majority shareholders. The rest of the shareholders include Carlos Ernesto Daumas, Desireé Katester, Claudio Katester and Ángel Cardoso, among others. Marcelo Fernández

http://Accountant and journalist, he was the intermediary in the controlling capital stock sale from Grupo Televisión Litoral to the Scaglione-Daminato couple. Fernández runs Libremente S.A., a group of media whose shareholders are part of the board of di


Av. Juan Domingo Perón 8101, Rosario, Santa Fe. Postal code: 2010

TE: (54 0341) 457 5415/18

Twitter account: @canal3


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USD 703,657.85 / $19,765,749 (2018 official advertising)

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