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Crónica TV

All Crónica TV’s programming features news content. The channel’s audience share ranks fourth among news channels in the city and the province of Buenos Aires.

Its founder, Héctor Ricardo García, is considered the creator of a popular journalistic style with a distinct image, whose iconic feature are the “Crónica signs”: a fully red screen that reads a brief headline referring to a story, with a comical touch. When a story touches the audience, the signs go viral all over social media, and there are even websites and apps that allow users to create original screens with their own ideas.

In 2016, Crónica TV's capital stock was purchased by Grupo Olmos, owned by brothers Raúl and Alejandro Olmos, both healthcare businessmen born in Mendoza. They are close to Antonio Caló, Secretary General of Argentina’s Metallurgy Labor Union (UOM).

Last year, the President of Crónica TV and the company that owns the channel, Estrella Satelital S.A., were prosecuted for evading employer contributions against their employees between 2012 and 2016. In their statement, they claimed they had suspended payments as a result of a fall in official advertising; until then, Grupo Crónica swapped employer contribution debt for official advertising.


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Free content

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Grupo Olmos


Ownership Structure

Crónica TV (Estrella Satelital S.A.) belongs to Grupo Olmos, which also owns newspaper Crónica, financial journal BAE Negocios and magazine Veintitrés. It also holds shares in production company Underground. Estrella Satelital S.A.’s controlling company is Alta Densidad S.R.L.

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Héctor Ricardo García

He owns media since the 1970s and has created a popular journalistic style that is still current in the media he founded. Formally accused of tax evasion, in 2005 he spent seven months in prison and sold newspaper Crónica and publishing house Editorial Sarmiento to Grupo Olmos. In 2011 he was tried and sold 51 % of Crónica TV to the same holding. He was acquitted a year later. In 2016 he sold all Crónica TV’s capital stock to the Olmos.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Hugo Ferrer

He is the Director of Grupo Crónica since 2010. Before, he was Editor-In-Chief of C5N and News Manager of Radio del Plata and Radio Continental.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Ariel Said

He was General Coordinator of El Galeón Producciones S.R.L, owned by journalist Rolando Graña. He was aslo News Director of channel A24 (Grupo América).

Affiliated Interests other important people

Sonia Concina

Wife of Raúl Olmos, she holds stock (5 %) in Crónica TV’s controlling company. She is also President of Fundación Leandro Olmos.
Jorge Enrique Álvarez

He is Vice President of the media department of Grupo Olmos.


Av. Juan de Garay 140, 1063, city of Buenos Aires. Postal code: 1063

TE: (54 011) 5296 7000



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USD 654,566 / $14,009,839 (2018 official advertising)

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