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El Nueve

Canal 9 broadcasts current affairs content, apart from its three daily news shows. In recent years, the channel oscillated between the third and the fourth audience rating positions in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires.

In 2007 El Nueve was purchased by Grupo Albavisión, which owns a broad network of channels and radio stations in several Latin American countries. After the change of ownership, the channel started to broadcast eminently Latin American soap operas. In journalistic shows, its editorial line was favorable to the governments in office, just like the rest of the group's channels owned by Mexican mogul Remigio Ángel "el Fantasma” González. However, after suffering a plunge in its audience ratings in 2018, El Nueve added live shows produced by the channel or by national production companies.

That year, strong rumors circulated about “el Fantasma” leaving the media he controls in Argentina, always through Argentinian lawyer Carlos Eduardo Loréfice Lynch. In June, González González was replaced in the board of directors of all media-controlling companies, although his separation as shareholder was never confirmed.

In October 2018, Telearte S.A. filed for preventive bankruptcy proceedings. Its authorities publicly acknowledged a fall in advertising revenue and warned about their struggle to pay salaries, up to the point of presenting a plan before the National Secretariat of Labor to strip their staff by 30% between 2018 and 2019.


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Albavisión (Argentina)


Ownership Structure

Telearte S.A. is the corporate name behind the brand El Nueve. It belongs to Grupo Albavisión, an umbrella media organization active in 16 Latin American countries.
In Argentina, Albavisión owns the following radio stations: RQP (FM 104.3), Mucha Radio (FM 97.1), Aspen (FM 102.3) and Arpeggio (FM 88.5). The Mexican capital holding is merging its Latin American operations with media from Grupo PRISA, of Spanish capitals.

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Kurt and Frederick Lowe

Of German origin, the brothers continued the legacy of their father, Karl, who had been a pioneer businessman of short film advertisement in Argentina. Kurt and Frederick were businessmen and movie directors and producers. Together, they created Cadete (Compañía Argentina de Televisión S.A.), a company that was awarded Canal 9’s license in 1957, during Pedro Aramburu’s dictatorship. NBC held part of the stock of the channel, which used to air some series from the American network.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Hernán Birencwajg

He is considered Carlos Eduardo Loréfice Lynch’s right-hand man. He is a controlling shareholder of Telearte S.A. (Canal Nueve). Birencwajg has been in office since 2007. In the previous decade, he was General Manager of Ibope Kantar Media, a leading company in Latin America and the only one that releases media audience share ratings in Argentina.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Diego Toni

Son of an Argentinian entertainment journalist and godson of Héctor Ricardo García (founder of TV channel and newspaper Crónica). Toni has managed El Nueve’s content since 2013 and he has been working as a TV Executive Producer for over 35 years.


Av. Dorrego 1782, city of Buenos Aires. Postal code: 1414

TE: (54 011) 3220 9999



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USD 2,189.498.11 / $61,503,002 (official advertising for 2018)

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