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Radio Nihuil

Since 1983, with Argentina’s return to democracy, the Vila family has managed Radio Nihuil. The father of Daniel Vila, who is currently one of the shareholders of Grupo América, purchased the radio station as a way to expand his company, Dalvian, who had carried out large real estate and financial operations during the military dictatorship.

Grupo América also owns another five FM radio stations (Brava, Montecristo, Ayer, Una and Latinos). Their main hosts between 2016 and 2018 are popular hosts from the province of Mendoza.

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Grupo América


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Radio Nihuil belongs to Grupo América

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Florentino Rocha and Alberto Rodriguez


Ariel Robert


Manuel A. Sáez 2421, Las Heras, Mendoza. TEL: (261) 4370125

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USD 18.051 (State Advertising 2018)

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