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Telefé Rosario

Canal 5 was the first channel in the city of Rosario to produce local content. When the TV channel began to operate, in 1964, Rosario locals could only watch shows aired by Canal 7 from Buenos Aires. Like many other channels in the interior of Argentina, Canal 5 repeated shows broadcasted by channels in Buenos Aires (9, 11 and 2) and focused most of its own production on live information content.

Just like Canal 8 from Córdoba, it was part of the TV business network that bought Canal 11 from Buenos Aires in 1989 and became part of a nine-channel network across the country. In 1999 the Spanish company Telefónica purchased the network. In 2016, it passed into American hands with of Telefé’s sale to Viacom.

It currently shares many executives with Canal 13 from Santa Fe, located less than 200 km away. Most of its programming retransmits that of Telefé Buenos Aires, though it features a strong local news production (three daily shows).

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Free content

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Viacom (Argentina)


Ownership Structure

Telefé Rosario is Televisión Federal S.A., owned by Atlántida Comunicaciones S.A. (79.02 %) and Enfisur S.A. (20.98 %). Both companies are owned by Viacom Camden Lock Limited.

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Pedro Simoncini and Ángel Cesaretti Monti

Both media businessmen, Simoncini had business interests in several Argentinian channels (Teleonce from Buenos Aires, Canal 7 from Neuquén), while Cesaretti Monti focused on managing Canal 5 and radio station LT8.


Pablo Breitman


Alejandro Tolosa


Av. Belgrano 1055, Rosario, Santa Fe

TE: (54 0341) 411 5555


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USD 363,766 (2018 official advertising)

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