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Grupo Clarín

Grupo Clarín

Grupo Clarín is the largest communications conglomerate of Argentina. It publishes the broadest circulation newspaper (Clarín) and the most visited online news portal (, apart from the two most popular and traditional regional newspapers (La Voz del Interior from Córdoba and Los Andes from Mendoza, and their respective websites). It owns chart-leading AM and FM radio stations (Radio Mitre and FM 100), and a series of repeaters. It is also the second largest open TV network in Argentina (its headend is TV channel El Trece, in Buenos Aires) and it owns several cable TV channels, including TN, one of the most popular news channels. Moreover, in partnership with Argentina’s National State, it owns the only newsprint factory in the country (Papel Prensa). In addition, it is the controlling shareholder of Argentina’s main cable TV operator (Cablevisión) and one of the two most important telecoms operators (Telecom). It also publishes magazines, takes part in film productions, holds interests in magazine and newspaper distribution, among other sectors (such as trade fairs). Grupo Clarín has a dominant position in almost every sector it takes part in.

Grupo Clarín plays a key role in Argentina's political and cultural life, and its position is a matter of interest to all political and economic players. In recent years, it has practiced what one of the newspaper’s politics editor described as “war journalism” against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s administrations (2007–2015). Then, with Mauricio Macri in office, the group received considerable support.

The recent merger between cable operator Cablevisión and one of the largest telecoms operators, Telecom, which was backed by Macri’s administration, allowed Grupo Clarín’s to have the highest media concentration – measured in terms of markets covered – in the history of media and telecoms in Latin America.

Key facts

Mother Company

Grupo Clarín

Business Form


Legal Form

Joint stock corporation

Business Sectors

Trade fairs; newsprint factory; nixed and mobile internet access; fixed and mobile telephony; copyrighted content use; film production; printing press; publishing house; bookstore network; logistics and transportation; tourism; videogames


Individual Owner

Héctor Magnetto

Magnetto started to work in newspaper Clarín in 1972, together with his friends (and today Grupo Clarín’s shareholders) Lucio Pagliaro and José Aranda, who studied accounting at Universidad Nacional de La Plata with him. Magnetto’s career in the administrative area of Clarín was sponsored by the frondicismo (a pro-development political current to which the newspaper’s founder, Roberto Noble, belonged to; when Noble died, Magnetto took over the company’s management, whose formal director was Ernestina Herrera, Noble’s wife).
His rise in Clarín was already visible in 1977, when he played a key role in the talks that resulted in the partnership between Clarín, La Nacion, La Razón and Argentina’s National State to purchase Papel Prensa during the military dictatorship. The historical purchase took place immediately after Liliana Papaleo, widow of Papel Prensa’s former owner David Graiver, had been dispossessed of her stock in the newsprint factory.
In 1980 Ernestina Herrera removed the old pro-development members of Clarín, and Magnetto’s role became more prominent. A shareholder and a senior executive, he led the newspaper’s transformation into a multimedia group and the subsequent group’s endeavor in the telecoms sector. Today, the group is the leader of a conglomerate that ranks among the main economic holdings in Argentina.

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Print Outlets

Clarín (203,411 issues)

Other TV Outlets

Canal 13 (Buenos Aires)

Other Radio Outlets

Radio Mitre (Buenos Aires)

Other Online Outlets


Media Business

Paid content TV (operator)


Audiovisual production company


Film production company


Newsprint manufacturer

Papel Prensa

Publishing house

Tinta Fresca

Sports broadcasting rights

Inversora de Eventos

Digital content

Compañía de Medios Digitales (CMD)




Internet access (broadband)


Printing press

Impripost Tecnologías

Bookstore (network)


Classified ads


Online electrical appliance retail

Loyalty card


Videogame development / QB9

Business management

Gestión Compartida

Trade fairs

Ferias y Exposiciones Argentinas S.A.

Publishing house (Mexico)

Ríos de Tinta

Online gaming (Uruguay)

Fynbar (CMD) (Uruguay)

TuVes (Paraguay)

General Information

Founding Year


Affiliated Interests Founder

Ernestina Herrera de Noble

Ernestina Herrera was the wife and heir of Clarín’s founder and owner, Roberto Noble, who died in 1969.


5,948 (2017)

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

Missing data

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

Missing data

Advertising (in % of total funding)

Missing data


Executive Board

Jorge Rendo

President of the board

Supervisory Board

Carlos Di Candia

Member of the Surveillance Committee

Other Influential People

David Martínez, who presides over the Fintech fund, is a minority shareholder of Cablevisión Holdings and Telecom (40% of the stock). He has helped Grupo Clarín to expand to the telecoms sector.

Further Information

Active Transparency

company/channel informs proactively and comprehensively about its ownership, data is constantly updated and easily verifiable

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Meta Data

Newspaper circulation: average from Mondays to Sundays in October 2018. Source: Circulation Verification Institute
Magazine circulation: average in October 2018. Source: Circulation Verification Institute

Number of employees for 2017, the last consolidated year in the balance sheets released by the group as part of its corporate information 2017,

Income, revenue and advertising information of 2017, the last consolidated year in the balance sheets released by the group as part of its corporate information

In 2016 the group decided to demerge its cable and telecoms operations by creating a new company called Cablevisión Holding S.A. Shareholders of Grupo Clarín S.A. held the same stock in both companies.

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