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Grupo Fascetto

Grupo Fascetto

Grupo Fascetto with the founding of Diario Popular in1974 by two journalists and businessmen from the city of La Plata, Jorge Fascetto and David Kraiselburd. The latter was the owner and Director of newspaper El Día from La Plata. After Kraiselburd was murdered that same year, his son Raúl was appointed Director.

The partnership between Fascetto and Kraiselburd (son) lasted until 2009, when they decided to split their stock. Fascetto stayed with Diario Popular, while Kraiselburd kept El Día (from La Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires) and its radio stations. In 2012 Fascetto purchased all the stock of news agency Agencia Noticias Argentina, the last media business that he shared with Kraiselburd.

Francisco Fascetto is the group's CEO and, alongside his father Jorge and his siblings, he controls the media through three companies: Impreba S.A. (Diario Popular), Man Press S.A. ( and Noticias Argentinas S.A. (Agencia de Noticias Argentinas).

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Joint stock corporation


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Fascetto Family

Francisco Fascetto is the Director of Diario Popular and the group's CEO. He is the son of Jorge Fascetto, the newspaper’s founder.

Media Outlets
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Diario Popular (53,971 issues)

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Agencia Noticias Argentinas (20%)

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David Kraiselburd and Jorge Fascetto

Kraiselburd was a renowned journalist from the city of La Plata (capital of the province of Buenos Aires) who was owner and Editor-In-Chief newspaper El Día. Kraiselburd was kidnapped and murdered by Peronist armed groups (Montoneros) weeks after launching Diario Popular. His son, Raúl, became then responsible for managing El Día and Diario Popular.
Both Kraiselburd and Fascetto had benefited from the “Revolución Libertadora” – a military uprising that overthrew Juan Domingo Perón in 1955 and remained in power until 1958. The military forces transferred newspaper El Día’s stock to Kraiselburd and Fascetto.


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Intendente Beguiristain 146, Sarandí (1872), Buenos Aires, Argentina

TE/Fax: (54 011) 4204 3161/9513

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