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Grupo Perfil

Grupo Perfil

Grupo Perfil was created in 1976 when Alberto and Jorge Fontevecchia, father and son, merged their publishing companies to create Editorial Perfil S.A., specialized in magazine publishing at a local and regional level.

It publishes about 50 magazines all over the world, focusing on the general information, entertainment and female products segments. Even though most of its publications in Argentina also belong to these segments, the group also runs journalistic content in biweekly newspaper Perfil, its web portal (, which is among the ten most visited in the country, and magazine Noticias. In recent years, it has also invested in the audiovisual sector, with open TV channel Net TV, run alongside Kuarzo Entertainment, which produces all the content. Other media to follow are Caras TV and two radio stations, a news only station and a music only station.

In Brazil, Perfil has a market share of 21% according to the company itself. Magazine Caras is its strong point, having developed a very powerful brand and even having an island where production takes place. In 2014 and 2015 the group bought 17 magazines owned by Editorial Abril that ranked among the best-selling publications. Considering all its media in the region, Perfil is the news-stand top selling magazine company in Ibero-America.

The group also operates in Portuguese-speaking markets such as Portugal and Angola, where it purchased four magazines from German publishing group Bauer and a female content portal.

Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form

Joint stock corporation

Business Sectors



Individual Owner

Fontevecchia Family

Jorge and Antonio Fontevecchia are Editorial Perfil S.A.’s founders. Among Grupo Perfil’s shareholders is Nelva Elvira Balbina López de Fontevecchia, Antonio’s wife and Jorge’s mother.

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Print Outlets

Newspaper Perfil (26,941 issues)

Other TV Outlets

Net TV (1%)

Other Radio Outlets

Perfil Radio

Other Online Outlets (0.23%)



Printing press


Perfil Educación


Red Elemidia

Magazine Caras (Uruguay, Portugal, Brazil and Angola)

General Information

Founding Year


Affiliated Interests Founder

Alberto and Jorge Fontevecchia

Alberto comes from the print media industry. In 1950 he founded Linotipía Fobera S.A, which started editing its own publications years later. Jorge created his own publishing house in 1975 and, a year later, father and son merged their companies and publications to create Editorial Perfil, which later became the starting point of their multimedia group.


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California 2715, city of Buenos Aires

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Circulation data are the monthly averages of October 2018 according to the Circulation Verification Institute (IVC).
The share of Net TV is the average of 2018 according to consulting agency Kantar Ibope.
Internet share was obtained from SimilarWeb.

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