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Carlos Eduardo Loréfice Lynch

Carlos Eduardo Loréfice Lynch

His name was so unknown in the Argentinian media industry that in 2008, when he became controlling shareholder and CEO of Canal 9 (Telearte S.A.), he was nicknamed “el Fantasmita” (little Ghost), as he allegedly was the representative and subordinate of Mexican mogul el “Fantasma” (the Ghost) González González . Remigio Ángel González González owns Grupo Albavisión – a vast network of TV channels, radio stations and movie theaters present in 16 Latin American countries. In 2007 he purchased Canal 9.

A year later, most of the company’s stock passed into the hands of Loréfice Lynch, a 35-year-old attorney whose only working experience was at his uncle’s law firm. Apparently, Santiago Alejandro Lynch put his nephew in contact with González González , since, before the stock transfer, Telearte S.A. was one of his clients. Loréfice Lynch’s coming on the scene matched the need to comply with one of the provisions of the new law on audiovisual communication services: no foreigner could own more than 30% of any Argentinian media.

In 2018, while the media of Grupo Albavisión were facing a financial crisis, rumors circulated about Canal 9 being sold and González leaving the country, for which reason he is said to have left his stock, probably forced by the situation, in the hands of Loréfice Lynch.

This information was neither confirmed in public records nor by its protagonists. But on June 28 2018, Remigio Ángel González was replaced in the board of all media-controlling companies in Argentina, which are now registered under the name of Loréfice Lynch, his family members and other people close to the mogul.

Apart from holding stock in media, the attorney also owns stock in several agricultural companies.

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Santiago Alejandro Lynch

Owner of the law firm Lynch and uncle of Carlos Loréfice. He was a political advisor in several government organizations, Manager of General Motors Argentina (1970–1978) and Minister of the Treasury in Salta (1978, during the military dictatorship), among other important positions. In 2016 he was sentenced to three years of prison held in suspense after it was confirmed that he had tried to bribe congressman Héctor Recalde in 2007 to prevent the passing of a law aiming at eliminating food vouchers from workers’ salaries. Lynch was a senior executive of Accor Argentina and President of the Chamber of Companies of Food Vouchers and Similar Services (Cevas).

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