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Carlos Gorosito

Carlos Gorosito

He was an official of the Secretariat of Communications of Carlos Menem’s administration when the area was run by Germán Kammerath. During Menem’s administration, Gorosito did business with the State to project films at different senior citizen centers. He also created an IT company when he was appointed Coordinator of the Telemedicine Area of the Secretariat.

His preferred partners in different endeavors have been Fernando Sokolowicz (former owner of Página 12 and Hadad’s partner when the latter owned Canal 9) and Benjamín Vijnovsky, with whom he co-owns production company Afakot. With Sokolowicz, he has produced several shows and audiovisual content (films).

He also holds interests in several advertising and marketing agencies. Through these agencies, he currently has advertising contracts with the Government of the city of Buenos Aires, whose leading party is also in charge of the Argentinian Government.

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In his 60th-birthday celebration party, his close relationship with the political party in office was revealed. Guests included Argentinian Vice President Gabriela Michetti, Minister of Transportation Guillermo Dietrich, businessman and Macri’s friend Nicolás Caputo, and the Mayor of San Isidro, Gustavo Posse.

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Anguita, Eduardo (2002). Grandes hermanos: alianzas y negocios ocultos de los dueños de la información. Colihue, Buenos Aires.

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