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Daniel Hadad

Daniel Hadad

He is one of the most important media businesspeople in Argentina. He had a close relationship with Carlos Menem (1989–1999). During Menem’s administration, Hadad went from TV host to owner of Radio 10, the most popular AM radio station. Later he created a multimedia group that included an open TV channel (Canal 9), several FM radio stations, newspaper Buenos Aires Económico and his online news portal, Infobae. He did millionaire business operations by buying and selling TV channels. In 2012 he sold his media to businessman Cristóbal López, close to Cristina Fernández’s administration. He only kept, which had already become one of the most visited portals in Argentina. He and his wife, Viviana Zocco, are also members of Grupo Vi-Da.

He has recently created production company HSVG S.A. with two Canal 9 old partners, Fernando Sokolowicz (former shareholder of Página 12) and Benjamín Vijnovsky. They were also joined by Carlos Gorosito, Vijnovsky’s partner in Radio con Vos. Their goal is creating content for Netflix and other on-demand platforms.

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Viviana Zocco

She is Daniel Hadad’s wife. She is the CEO of Grupo Vi-Da, made up of MundoTKM and books and educational websites BajaLibros, Leamos,, BIDI Intercultural Division, Indielibros and GrandesLibros.

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