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Gustavo Defilippi

His main economic activity is finance. In the 1980s he owned Banco Denario in Córdoba. Today he owns several investment funds and trusts to support farming and tech companies.

His son is President of Grupo Del Plata S.A., an investment firm founded by Gustavo Defilippi that sets up agricultural trusts and is among the most important companies in the province of Córdoba. He also owns real estate agencies and agricultural companies, and is a shareholder in the rural trade fair organized by Red Agroactiva.

He and his son are part of several investment and business associations and chambers in Córdoba, where they shares his interests with the top business people in the province, including Mayor of Córdoba city Ramón Mestre, at the Agency for Economic Development of the city of Córdoba (ADEC). His son is also a permanent member of the province’s Stock Exchange. As a member of this establishment, he is also connected to the leading businesspeople of the province.

Media Companies / Groups
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Real estate

Denaria S.A.


Grupo Del Plata S.A.


Inversora Kemfold

Agricultural trade fairs

Redagroactiva S.A.

Family & Friends

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His brother, Martín Defilippi, is a senior executive in Grupo Del Plata S.A. He also organizes and produces TedX talks in Córdoba.

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