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Martín Kweller

Martín Kweller

Towards the end of the 1980s, Martín Kweller owned production company Producciones & Publicidad (P&P) together with Marcelo Kohen. They produced shows together for leading TV channels in Buenos Aires. In 2000 Dutch company Endemol carried out a study to choose a local partner to locally produce reality show Big Brother in Argentina. P&P was selected by Endemol. Months later, the production company changed its name to Endemol Argentina, and Kweller became Creative Director for Latin America of a production company with rights for over 200 TV formats.

In 2016 Endemol’s Dutch partners decided to close the production company in Argentina. Kweller and three partners (Guido Kazcka, Martín Kohen Watkins and Gerardo Waisburg) purchased the company’s local assets. They named the newly created company Kuarzo Entertainment and purchased Estudio Mayor S.A., one of the main TV production companies in Argentina. They launched paid content TV channel KZO. In 2015 Kweller began to preside over the artistic and commercial areas of Radio Con Vos and in 2018 he and Editorial Perfil jointly created TV channel Net TV. Kuarzo produces shows in all private open TV channels of Buenos Aires. Kweller also holds some stock in production company Underground, managed by Sebastián Ortega.

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Carlos Glaustein

Martín Kweller’s uncle, Glaustein was official receiver of Canal 13 of Buenos Aires during Raúl Alfonsín’s administration (1983–1989). He was also Director of Canal 9 when it was owned by Daniel Hadad (2002–2007). In addition, Glaustein helped Kweller enter the TV industry when he founded advertising agency WAINOT together with Gerardo Sofovich (long-standing TV producer and host).

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