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Roberto Navarro

Roberto Navarro

He is an economist, producer and journalist, founder of news portal El Destape Web. He worked as an economic writer in Página 12 and then as a columnist and host in several radio stations and TV channels.

With a profile that opposes Mauricio Macri’s administration, in 2015 he hosted El Destape in TV channel C5N and in Radio 10, which was a success until he was fired in 2017 after denouncing censorship by the TV channel’s authorities.

After leaving Grupo Indalo, he created digital signal Destape Radio and YouTube channel El Destape TV, which broadcasts his live show on Sundays.

He owns Talar Producciones and Producciones La Ñata, companies through which he controls his media.

The two companies and Navarro himself received large amounts of money in official advertising (over $17 million between 2009 and 2015) during Cristina Fernández’s administration. In contrast, Navarro has not received any official advertising during Mauricio Macri’s administration.

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Nicolás and María Florencia Navarro

They are Roberto Navarro’s children and partners in Talar Producciones and Producciones La Ñata, through which Navarro controls El Destape.

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