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On August 4 1997, La Gaceta, the broadest circulation newspaper in the interior of Argentina, launched its first website, Gacenet. At the very beginning, the portal’s contents were the same as those published on the newspaper. In 2002 a web editorial team was created to update the site 24/7. At that time, the portal was given a new name: La Gaceta Online.

The news portal ranks among the 20 most visited news websites in the country, according to Alexa and SimilarWeb. In 2014 digital newspaper La Gaceta Salta was launched with specific content on that province.

Since July 2017, it is necessary to register to read over 20 articles per month. The system is still free.

In 2018 LG Play was launched. It is a live audiovisual content channel that is streamed on La Gaceta’s website, CCC’s Canal 11, YouTube and Facebook. Viewers can also access La Gaceta Shop, a shopping portal; La Gaceta Viajes, a tourist site; and Club La Gaceta, the newspaper’s loyalty card program.


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Free content

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La Gaceta de Tucumán


Ownership Structure

La Gaceta de Tucumán belongs to La Gaceta S.A.

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General Information

Founding Year


Affiliated Interests Founder

Alberto García Hamilton

Grandson of the newspaper’s founder, he presided over La Gaceta S.A.’s board of directors.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Daniel Dessein

He has been in office since August 2018. He is the current President of the board of directors. He is great-grandson of the newspaper’s founder, Alberto García Hamilton, and son of La Gaceta Literaria’s founder, Daniel Alberto Dessein. He held important positions at Argentina’s Association of Journalistic Entities (ADEPA) and the Inter American Press Association (IAPA). He lives in Buenos Aires and has close links to the real estate industry.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

José Pochat

He began his professional career in Buenos Aires. He diversified his business in La Gaceta by investing in real estate and construction in the las five years.


Mendoza 654, S.M. Tucumán (T4000DAN)

TE: (54 0381) 587 0289


Financial Information

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Advertising (in % of total funding)

USD43,753 / $1,397,550 (2018 official advertising – Argentinian Government)

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