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Individual Owners

The leading media owners in Argentina are businesspeople from the media sector who have diversified their interests in other economic activities overtime and have kept close ties with the political sector. This is the case of the main shareholders of Grupo Clarín (Héctor Magnetto), Grupo La Nación (the Saguier and Mitre families), Grupo América (Daniel Vila and José Luis Manzano), Infobae (Daniel Hadad) or Grupo Perfil (the Fontevecchia family). However, Argentina’s media map also shows that there are businesspeople and shareholders coming from other sectors of the economy, such as Grupo Indalo (Cristóbal López and Fabián de Sousa), Electroingeniería (the Ferreyra and Acosta families), Grupo Moneta (the Moneta family), or the shareholders of Grupo América (Claudio Belocopitt), Grupo Octubre (SUTERH) or Infobae (Tomás Eurnekian).

Some media groups that operate outside the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires belong to traditional families, such as the García Hamilton family (La Gaceta de Tucumán), while others are owned by businesspeople with a shorter career in the media industry, such as the Daminato-Scaglione family (Grupo Televisión Litoral).

There are also foreign owners and shareholders in the local media sector. This is the case of Viacom, who owns the largest open TV network in Argentina, Telefé, and of Ángel “El Fantasma” (the Ghost) González González (Albavisión), who owns a TV channel and several radio stations through his front men.

Most of media businesspeople in Argentina are men. Grupo Clarín’s shareholders are among the wealthiest people in the country.

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