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Tomás Eurnekian

Tomás Eurnekian

He is a senior executive of Corporación América and nephew of Corporación América’s owner, Eduardo Eurnekian, one of the wealthiest businesspeople in Argentina (in the 1990s, he had his own multimedia group; he then invested in other sectors). Tomás purchased 20% of Infobae América. He was joined by Andrés Pedro Mariano Zenarruza, director of several Corporación América’s companies, such as digital bank Wanap. The group led by Eurnekian focuses mainly on the 52 airport concessions it owns in Latin America and Europe. It also does business in the agribusiness, fuel, bank and infrastructure sectors.

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Eduardo Eurnekian

Owner of Corporación América and Tomás Eurnekian’s uncle.

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