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With 1.39% of digital audience, Infobae is the most visited news website in Argentina, followed by and

It belongs to THX Medios S.A., controlled by Daniel Hadad. The corporation’s shareholders also include Hadad’s sister in law, Eleonora Zocco, and Sandro Scaramelli, among others.

Infobae was founded as the news portal of the financial newspaper Buenos Aires Económico (BAE) in 2002, when Hadad, together with businessmen Sergio Szpolski and Fernando Sokolowicz, who was the controlling shareholder of Página 12, purchased 75% of its stock.

Five years later, Hadad decided to continue with Infobae alone. He sold the media’s print version to Szpolski, who had already purchased magazine Veintrés and other journals.

Unlike its competitors, Infobae offers free content, and most of its income comes from private and official advertising: in 2017 it received around $130 million in total.

Overtime, the portal also included sites with specific content, such as Infobae América, Playfutbol (sports site) and Teleshow (tabloid site), as well audiovisual content (Infobae TV and Play TV).

In 2017 Infobae started to include content from American media and The Washington Post.

In 2018 Hadad sold 20% of Infobae América to Tomás Eurnekian, Director of Public Affairs of Corporación América and nephew of Corporación América’s owner, Eduardo Eurnekian, one of the wealthiest men in the country.


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Free content

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Grupo Infobae


Ownership Structure is controlled by THX Medios S.A., whose main shareholder is Daniel Hadad.

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Daniel Hadad

He is one of the main media businesspeople in Argentina. He had a close relationship with Carlos Menem (1989–1999). During Menem’s administration, Hadad went from TV host to owner of Radio 10, through which he created a multimedia group. In 2012 he sold all his media to Grupo Indalo, but he kept, which was already one of the country’s most visited news portals.
He and his wife, Viviana Zocco, are also members of Grupo Vi-Da. He has recently founded production company HSVG S.A., together with Fernando Sokolowicz, former shareholder of Página 12, and Benjamín Vijnovsky and Carlos Gorosito, owners of Radio Con Vos.


Valeria Cavallo

Affiliated Interests other important people

Tomás Eurnekian

Nephew of Eduardo Eurnekian, owner of Corporación América. In 2018 he purchased 20% of Infobae América.


Humboldt 1550, C1414BTD, city of Buenos Aires

TE: (54 011) 4779 8700


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USD 1,362,939 / $38,284,967 (2018 official advertising – Argentinian Government) USD 544,822 / $9,027,694 (2017 official advertising – Government of the city of Buenos Aires) USD 5,968,014/ $98,890,000 (2017 private advertising)

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