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Vila Family

Vila Family

The Vilas’ businesses began in Mendoza, where all the family members were born. Alfredo Luis Vila, father of current President of Grupo América, built his fortune with Dalvian, a construction company that developed the first gated community in Mendoza. The brand’s name refers to Alfredo’s four children: Daniel, Alfredo (son), Viviana and Andrea. The family business grew, to a considerable extent, due to the seizure of fiscal lands. In 2012 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Universidad de Cuyo and decided that Dalvian should return 12 hectares of land to the university.

The Vilas entered the media industry in 1983, when they purchased local radio station Radio Nihuil. Although his two sons led the family media business, Daniel’s friendship and subsequent partnership with former Minister of the Interior during Carlos Menem’s administration, José Luis Manzano, contributed to the fast rise of Grupo Uno. Between 1995 and 1997, Vila and Manzano purchased 25 media and Supercanal, the first cable operator in the interior of Argentina. In 2002 Grupo Uno merged its TV businesses with those of businessman Carlos Ávila. The group began to operate in Buenos Aires through América TV, the holding’s main company, which currently owns 40 media.

In the last five years, the Vilas began to invest in the oil industry. Phoenix Global Resources, whose shareholders also include Manzano and multinational company Mercuria, is carrying out oil drilling and production operations in Mendoza and Patagonia, in partnership with State oil company, YPF. Vila and Manzano also hold stock in Metrogas, a natural gas distribution company in Argentina, and Pamar S.A., a leading gas pipeline construction company locally and abroad.

Alfredo Vila, brother of Daniel, also is a shareholder in the group’s companies and a member of the companies’ board of directors. However, Daniel was always the holding’s manager and the one who kept a public profile. Several events made him popular: he was attacked in an armed robbery that ended with one of the robbers being killed by Vila; he ran for President of the Argentinian Soccer Association (which grants licenses to broadcast local tournaments) without success; and he is married to Pamela David, a model and actress who began as a host in América TV’s shows and now is one of the channel’s stars.

Daniel Vila has six children from three different marriages. Agustín, the eldest, is 35 years old and began managing Radio La Red, news portal and Los Roldán, the family’s restaurant. He has managed all the group’s media since February 2019, when his father, who suffered health issues, appointed him Director of the Executive Board.

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Phoenix Global Resources


Integra Consultores y Servicios S.A.

Construction and real estate

Dalvian S.A.


Metrópoli Publicidad Exterior S.A.


Roldán Restaurante

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Patagonian Air S.A.

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María Noel Vila

Daughter of Daniel Vila. CEO of Jotax S.R.L., Grupo América’s production company.

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