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Marcela Noble Herrera

Marcela Noble Herrera

In 1976, Marcela and Felipe were adopted by Ernestina Herrera. She was Roberto Noble’s partner and inherited the newspaper Clarín, which became the main multimedia group of Argentina. After Ernestina´s death, in 2017, the siblings inherited their mother’s stock in the group, which today also operates in the telecoms sector. Each of them own 24.85% of the stock, while the rest of the owners are: Héctor Magnetto (29.8%), José Antonio Aranda (10%) and Lucio Pagliaro (10.2%). Who, in fact, controls over the media group is Héctor Magnetto.

For several years, there was some controversy and a legal claim for adoption fraud against Ernestina Herrera, as many suspected that Marcela and Felipe could be the missing children of people who were kidnapped and killed by the government during last military dictatorship. Eventually, Ernestina Herrera’s case was dismissed in 2016.

Felipe Noble Herrera works in Grupo Clarín, though his role is unknown. Marcela has held several executive positions in the holding’s corporate affairs sector as well as in Fundación Noble.

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Mochkofsky, Graciela (2011), Pecado original: Clarín, los Kirchner y la lucha por el poder, Planeta, Buenos Aires.

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